31.5 Years Of No Lost Time To An Accident

Apex Spring & Stamping has a stellar safety record and would never risk the health of our most important resource: our employees. That is why we are committed to safety. We have already logged 11,513 DAYS without a lost-time accident, which directly translates to 31.5 years! We are also over 18 years without a lost-time illness. We have always gone above and beyond our industry’s standard to ensure a safe environment for our workers and our customers. Here at Apex, we strive to keep the production lines moving without interruption to meet due dates and internal goals. This record has been accomplished utilizing a stringent new employee safety training program, a very active safety and environmental committee, first responders, annual refresher training, and most importantly, a skilled workforce that focusses on finishing the job the right way and going home to their families each day.

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