Minority In Michigan: The Story Of Apex

Even when one of the most successful businessmen that has ever lived opened the “It’s a Small World” attraction in early 1960.s, Walt Disney could not have imagined how small the world would become. With all the advances in technology, travel and increased immigration recent census data shows that minorities will become the majority before the year 2050.

Diversity comes in many ways, cultural, ethnic, religious, generational etc. and our team members are regularly exposed to multiple perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences which leads to more creativity and innovation. Our employees excel by sharing their knowledge which results in mutual respect, increases productivity to achieve company goals much more quickly. Even with all the “diversity” we still come together and are empowered to be a team. We are stronger working daily to remove obstacles, utilize the latest technologies, best practices, hard work, respect, and trust to better serve the needs of our customers.

Apex Spring & Stamping Corporation became an official certified Michigan Minority owned company in 2004 because we recognized the value in a changing workforce as well as our customers and supply chain. We take pride in our certified membership in the Michigan Minority Supplier and the National Minority Supplier Development Councils. While we find great satisfaction in these designations and benefits we also understand that our growth and future will not just be handed to us. It needs to be earned. Our corporate strategy includes a focus on quality, engineering support, on-time delivery all at competitive pricing. What can Apex do for you?

Kim R. Dykman 8/17/2020

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